Do I have to buy food puzzles?

We talk a lot about enrichment at The Enriched Canine, it’s kind of our thing. When people hear enrichment they may automatically think of expensive and complicated food puzzles but using your dog’s food for enrichment doesn’t need to be expensive OR complicated! Believe it or not, most of our canine companions were bred to accomplish jobs to make life easier for their human caretakers. In our modern world, most of our dogs only job is to be our pet. Giving your dog an opportunity to work for their food is one way to introduce some enrichment and boost their fulfillment. So what does your dog like to do? Does your dog LOVE to sniff? Hide their kibble around your house and let them go on a scavenger hunt using their sniffer! Does your dog have a history of tearing things up? Hide their kibble in an old amazon box and let them work to open the box and retrieve their prize, if they destroy the box all the better – they got to enjoy destroying something on your terms AND solved a problem to work for their food! A quick search on YouTube can deliver tons of DIY ways to put your dog’s food to work, so ditch the bowl AND skip breaking the bank. Tell your dog I said Hi!

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