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and I want to help you create a fun and harmonious life with your dog. Our modern human world is increasingly difficult for our canine companions to understand and adapt. That is where I come in! Utilizing the family dog mediation L.E.G.S. model of examining each dog’s individual learning history, environment, genetics, and self, we will work together to understand where your dog is coming from and what we can do to create a harmonious life for the people and canines in your home. So what is enrichment and how does that fit into the picture? Enrichment comes from the idea that captive animals have innate behaviors they need to engage in to have a fulfilled life. It may not be how we automatically view our relationship with them, but our dogs are our captive animals. They have innate behaviors they are driven to engage in and when they are not given an outlet for those behaviors, they show up in ways that often seem inexplicable and destructive to their human companions. We will use learning theory, training techniques, and enrichment to begin to solve those tricky problems you are facing in your life with your dog.

A Little About Me

Like most people, I have always loved dogs, but when I faced some really challenging issues with my personal dogs, I realized I actually didn’t understand them. I worked with an excellent trainer that changed my life, helped me begin to understand how my dogs thought and how to begin creating a healthy relationship with them. I was so inspired that I left my full-time job to begin shadowing my trainer and eventually working for her company as a trainer myself. To expand my knowledge on all things dog, I pursued continued education with The School of Canine Science, Principles of Dog Training with Michael Ellis, The Ethology Institute, and received my certification in Family Dog Mediation through the L.E.G.S Applied Ethology Professional Family Dog Mediation Course. This has profoundly shaped my approach to training and living with our family dogs.

I have been in the U.S. Navy for 13 years, first active duty and now in the reserve component and graduated in 2019 from Arizona State University with a degree in Organizational Leadership.

Ginger Reyes


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Unique Approach with Rewarding Results

Many training models are geared towards “fixing” the dog or “fixing” their human companions. Family Dog Mediation is a unique approach that will shift that focus to repairing your relationship and improving quality of life for you and your dog.

Learn to Have Fun

At The Enriched Canine we want you to have fun with your dog! We break outside of the ordinary and teach you new ways to think about life with your dog, new activities to try, and ways to find joy - something that can be difficult when you have faced a challenging relationship in the past.

Tailored Solutions

No two dogs are the same, and we understand that. Our programs are customized to cater to the unique personality, temperament, and learning style of your furry friend. From energetic pups to more laid-back companions, we adapt our methods to ensure that training is not only effective but also enjoyable for both you and your dog.

Happy Dogs, Happy Owners

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